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Currently Available Profile number: 01299


I’m the founder of Wordfruit. My colleague Simon is now running the site; I’m back in the trenches: writing copy…

I write copy that hooks people, reels them in, and fries them up for supper.

You can see my work at:

Currently Available Profile number: 00271


I’ve been told that my work is subversive.

It’s not that I have a political agenda. I just have a brain that can’t help but question assumptions and challenge conventional thinking.

My ultimate goal is always to simplify, clarify, and compel.

Which may be subversive. But I like to think of it as professional.

Currently Available Profile number: 00281


Based in Washington, USA

15 years’ experience as Creative Director/Copywriter at top-notch digital agencies. Specialize in online brand advertising, direct response, Web site content. Also have experience in direct mail, print, collateral, and VO scripts.

Currently Available Profile number: 00118


World-class marketer and direct response copywriter.

My clients include several of Dan Kennedy’s “Platinum” members and some other “big names” in the direct response marketing world.

Currently Available Profile number: 00142


Looking for a U.S.-based copywriter/creative director who combines breakthrough ideas with 27+ years experience turning those ideas into positive results? No matter where you are, I’m as close as your desktop! Click up there on that “details” link to learn more about why we’d make a great team!

Currently Available Profile number: 00131


A copywriter has an almost infinite supply of words to choose from, but I approach all my work with the same three words in mind: simple, believable, compelling. Whether I’m creating a TV or radio commercial, website, billboard, print campaign, brochure or anything else, those three little words keep me on track and my clients happy.

For more than 20 years, I’ve worked at global advertising agencies such as BBDO, and as a freelance copywriter with my own clients. I’ve brought new life to brands like Bayer Aspirin, and helped Campbell’s Soup achieve unprecedented sales results. I’ve also enjoyed working with a wide range of small clients, showing them that small budgets are no barrier to big ideas.

I can help you take a fresh look at web or print copy that’s driving you crazy. I can dive in deep and develop a multimedia, integrated campaign from strategy to execution. Or I can help you out with anything in between.

Currently Available Profile number: 00137


Tasmanian freelance writer with skills in commercial and corporate writing, advertising copy, web writing and travel writing.

Currently Available Profile number: 00164


ogilvy, copywriter

accounts: thomson reuters, kaplan, ibm, time warner cable
recognition: cannes direct 2010, ace awards


accounts: vitaminwater, powerade,
t-mobile, verizon, nyu-poly

nitro group, copywriter

accounts: lady foot locker, kraft singles,
dove chocolate, healthy choice, hunt’s, twix

ogilvy, copywriter

accounts: american express, time warner cable,
the economist, balance bar, tassimo

creative circus, copywriting program

george washington university




JAN.17, 1980, 2:37 AM



*special thanks to mom and dad.

Currently Available Profile number: 00169


In my career I’ve successfully marketed many different products over the years while working at top NYC agencies and several boutique agencies of my own.

I’ve launched products for Schering-Plough, Kraft, and General Mills. I launched the number-1 selling digital game 4 years in a row — one of which was Furby, the international hit. I’ve created campaigns for pharma products and CPG, and much more.

Currently Available Profile number: 00145


Thinking, writing, laughing.

Life’s too short to do something you don’t enjoy.

Least not on my planet.

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All Writers at Wordfruit are vetted, talented Writers.

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